Author Topic: JSGME and MODs Setups for DCS World  (Read 8533 times)

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JSGME and MODs Setups for DCS World
« on: February 27, 2013, 10:40:52 PM »
The attached rar files contain the named mod already set up in folders for use in JSGME. 

All work fine with the DCS update

Unzip each and keep the file structure intact. Create a folder called _Mods and place all of these in that folder (undisturbed folders not the zips)

Place the _Mods folder into the Main DCS World folder

Install JSGME and when prompted, point to the _Mods folder. Open JSGME and you should see all of the Mods listed.

Be sure to go to Tasks in the JSGME GUI and run the snapshot of your file structure before installing any mods.

Now just choose Mods and a couple of cliks and your done. Removal is just as easy.

Here is a link to a great Tutorial by Ebs on JSGME :

The JSGME Program is attached below or...

 Get JSGME Here:

Mods attached below are:
1. High Res roads
2. KUKY's Better Fire, Smoke and Explosions
3. Labels Mod.. this will turn your labels into a dot
4. P51 tracer color Fix...makes tracers more visible (might not need this since there has been an improvement with 1.2.3. Choose for yourself)
5. Richardos KA 50 Blue Pit....Looks really good (Screenshot does not do it justice)
6. The JSGME Program itself

* KUKYs Better Fire Smoke and Explosions.rar
(815.81 kB ~ Downloads: 214)
* Labels Mod.rar
(0.81 kB ~ Downloads: 170)
* P51 Tracer Color Fix.rar
(1.31 kB ~ Downloads: 153)
* Ricardos KA 50 Blue Pit.rar
(80482.17 kB ~ Downloads: 389)
New Roads.jpg
Kukys Smoke.jpg
Labels are A Dot.jpg
P51D tracers.jpg
Richardos Blue Pit.jpg
* JSGME.rar
(434 kB ~ Downloads: 192)
* High Res Roads.rar
(43772.12 kB ~ Downloads: 559)
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