Author Topic: Some Observations on BETA PATCH v.1.08.18956‏  (Read 1312 times)

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Some Observations on BETA PATCH v.1.08.18956‏
« on: August 06, 2012, 12:36:20 PM »
This is really some feedback for Lead since he is off being Shark Bait and Cirrus and Shelt were there.
I have been running this Patch quite a bit since it came out. I never fly SP.... that is rare....   so I don't know how that is....... if I fly CLOD... I will join a server or host one of Leads Missions
I have logged a bunch of hours in ATAG, Repkas DF server (both a blast BTW, see recent screens at SD Forum)... Flew in Repkas with 21 others in Dogfight..was like old times in FA...  Flew in ATAG with 60 others Saturday...I actually saw many of them in the air and on the ground...
Must still be some memory leakage because near the end either the server got laggy or just slowed down... Similar to what I saw hosting  RAF Scripted...But it did take a long time and that mission was a big load...  Wonder how it would run on Shelts SSD as a comparison??
 and hosted and flown a bunch of Leads Missions with Cirrus and some with Shelt joining in.
Well... I have not seen one CTD or Freeze or lost connection... That is an improvement...that goes back to the last patch for me
There are still many things they did not fix...   like the AI radio commands, they do not follow them in MP that I can see. Once in awhile I will get in a plane in ATAG that I cannot start up...usually a Spitfire, Spits once but won't catch n run
Seems like the Spit does have brakes now...  It actually slows down and stops now when I use my foot brake... before I could not stop it....
Also, damage model is still porked. I mean getting a kill is a bunch of work! Therefore, it is very satisfying when a plane actually catches fire or blows up...
Really though, I can't complain about much else from a player standpoint....  The Spit does seem to be a bit more sluggish now...maybe that is closer to realistic I don't know. The 109s and other planes still seem to walk away
..........Hosted Leads RAF Scripted last night with Cirrus and Shelt as Clients.
Seems like it ran for two hours???  There are alot of planes and things going on in that mission so it is a good test.
 We ran with labels on which you dont really need in that mission... there are so many planes you should not have any trouble seeing them...
I am getting to the point where labels are clutter... but is nice if you lose your teammate...or want to know who is who....
That is one thing I like about the ATAG labels and no outside views...  very immersive and realistic...
Back to the RAF Scripted... near the end of the 2 hr run...(it may be a little less)... As host I was starting to see big slowdowns...  Seems clients were OK, but it eventually became a slide show for me...
I was impressed that it never froze or crashed under that I guess they really did fix that issue....
I guess there has to be a little less spawning going on than what we have with RAF Scripted..  All Other missions I have tried seem to be fine.
Generally though,  The Sim does seem to run smoother, cleaner and I think it looks better too.
Now I need to go work on keeping my skills up in the P51.
Feel on the Mustang goes away pretty fast if you don't spend some time flying it. 
I flew a mission (Hot/Cold War) with VTA last night and got embarrassed and looked like a rookie...which I am!!!   LOL!
I must have crashed 5 times...
Once Taxiing, One taking off, twice Dogfighting and once doing ground attack...   I mean really....
Back to training...
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