Author Topic: Some fun "history" of the "The Hardest Day": From Lead  (Read 1870 times)

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Some fun "history" of the "The Hardest Day": From Lead
« on: March 28, 2012, 11:16:36 AM »
Had to post this Really interesting Story... From Lead

RE:  Can we fly a mission this big?  In CoD?  Not sure.  Probably not yet.  I've avoided doing anything this quite this "heavy"... I think my biggest mission is BoB Day, and I think I limited it to about 50 aircraft at high altitude and very minimal flak.  Even with that, there are some slowdowns.
In IL2 Ultrapack... yep.  We could do it.
And now, some fun "history" of the "The Hardest Day": 
August 18, 1940 involved large massed raids against Kenley and Biggin hill, large massed raids.  By amazing coincidence, I'm reading a book on the Battle of Britain by Michael Korda, With Wings Like Eagles: A History of the Battle of Britain.   I'm on the "Hardest Day" chapter, about the attacks on August 18.
I do want to do a mission or missions about these raids, but will wait until after the patch and hopefully improved performance.
Interesting BoB history fact:  At Kenley there was a secret, experimental defense system that involved an array of rocket-launched cables with a parachute attached at the rocket-end, and firmly anchored to the ground at the other end. When the rockets were fired they flew straight up 600 feet and the wires hung down, suspended by the parachutes, to snare low altitude bombers and dive bombers.... most of the RAF thought it was a totally kooky system and a total waste that would never work; but Churchill was apparently excited about the idea and in the end got his way, so a system was installed at Kenley...
And sure enough on August 18, due to the "fog of war", the first raid to hit Kenley was the raid that was supposed to hit it last, a large low altitude bomber raid.  The high alt raids had been delayed forming up due to clouds at Calais, and were behind schedule.
So, literally at wave top level over the Channel to evade radar detection, so low that their prop wash was leaving wakes, far below the Home Guard Observers standing on the cliff at Beachy Head who called in a report of a large raid at zero altitude, below treetop level and power line level... and flying at 250 mph the whole way, using roads and railway to navigate, a big force of Ju-88's hit Kenley.   It was an amazing feat of flying, but....
When the bomber group leader saw the mass of rockets lift off ahead of him, he had no idea what the heck they were, so he instinctively pulled up hard to avoid them, missed the wires but presented a perfect target to the airbase Bofors guns, and got shot down, burned badly, and captured, and taken to Kenley as a prisoner, just in time for the fun when the late high altitude raids to arrive!!   
So, he had to endure being bombed by his own countymen.
Another bomber in the low raid saw the rockets in time, and broke hard to try to avoid them, and since he was steeply banked when a wire hit his wing it did not snag and slid off without causing damage.... but another bomber was not so lucky,  a wire snagged and held, and the wire's ground anchor held too, so the bomber was slammed hard into a house, and its bomb load exploded.
The Germans thought they had severely damaged Biggin Hill and Kenley with these raids, based on all the smoke and dust, and there was damage, but actually most of the bombs hit nearby fields, and the airbases were back in action in a few hours I believe (need to read more, lol).
A female WAAF defused a live bomb, after the raid (a lot of the base Ground Control personnel were women.... also a lot of the controllers talking to the pilots and giving them vectors).

 I wonder if CoD will ever include the wire rocket airbase defense for Kenley??!
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