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Who in the SAM HELL
« on: June 25, 2011, 03:00:30 PM »
Made a few changes, but no one had downloaded the mission, so this is version 1 unless some bugs are found!OK, made 1 more change and instead of 3 SAMs at the finale, only 2 random ones will spawn...still same version

Code: [Select]
The enemy is trying to advance under the watchful eye of their SA-3 defenses.
SAM sites have been keeping our air patrols grounded and until help arrives from the Carl Vinson, we will need to maintain low altitude attacks to keep armored vehicles from securing locations in front of Sochi.

Code: [Select]
These SA-3 SAM sights have a range of 23NM, keep your altitude down and use the hills as cover to attack the tanks moving in towards Sochi-Adler.
The most likely chance of engagement will be around waypoint 4, but this doesn't mean the enemy hasn't slipped through our surveillance systems and launch if you enter their zones, so keep alert.
Hopefully the carrier will arrive and the F/A 18's can deal with the SAMs; This will allow our ground forces to begin their push towards Mineralnye.
The SAM sights are a force on their own, but be careful performing avoidance and turn a successful mission into a failure quickly.

Good Luck
* Who in the SAM HELL.miz
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