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Ammo Destruction
« on: May 16, 2011, 01:53:11 PM »
Frome the breifing:

Code: [Select]
Insurgents are storing weapons and ammunition in anticipation on using these for strikes on Mineralnye.
The ammunition depots must be destroyed to prevent aggressive actions against friendly forces.
A night mission has been planned to destroy the ammo depots.

Blue Task:

Two flights have been planned for this sortie with different tasks.

Ground Targets:
Hawg 3 and Hawg 4 will run point and take out any enemy AAA.
Load-out is 6 AGM-65D's and 4 CBU-97's.

Call sign "Colt" will report all AAA spotted in each area. Colt will not depart until all threats have been destroyed in each area, so make sure enemy threat is eliminated before moving to the next waypoint.

Hawg 1 and Hawg 2 have been tasked to destroy the ammunition depots.
Load out will consist of 14 GBU-12's. Best use is in CCIP mode, if you decide for CCRP, remember to use markpoints.

Intel reports the enemy has somehow learned of the possibility of a strike, and have fallen back from waypoints 1 and 2.
This gives an opportunity to destroy these depots while AAA is being nuetralized by Hawg 3 and 4.
If everything goes as planned, it should be a smooth flight and a fantastic fireworks show!

Good Luck!

teamspeak 3 -

* ammodestruction.miz
(268.33 kB ~ Downloads: 187)
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