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This is a quick mission that combines air-to-air and air-to-ground in either the F86 or P-51.   You will start parked with your engine running.  Check your weapon load, and alter it as needed (open your cockpit and contact ground crew).

Follow the route on your knee board.  It is a short flight in the F86.  The objective is located in the nearby mountains, an advancing Russian force.  MiG 15's will also be launching and attempt to protect their ground troops.


ARMA III Missions / Mission Editing Utilities
« on: April 06, 2013, 02:54:58 PM »
I will use this thread for uploading mission editing utilities for ARMA III that I use.

The first is a "pbo file utility" that allows you to un-pack pbo-format mission files so that you can edit them.  It is called  PBO Manager.

Hey,  I'd love to take credit for this mission, but there is no way I could have written it.  It looks like it has HUGE potential;  I have merely "tweaked" it and added a fully loaded ammo crate at the starting point.

It has room for 22 players.    It can be played alone, but will be far better as a "squad" coop.

Too much "stuff" to describe here; it is a "mega" mission, but seems to run well.

It goes in the "usual place" for multiplayer missions:

\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions


Updated version can be found here

ARMA III Tips and Tricks / ARMA III links:
« on: March 26, 2013, 03:21:16 PM »
ARMA coop missions can be found here.  The Armaholic site is a good resource for ARMA in general:

Mr. Murrays ARMA Editing Guide, scroll to the bottom of the page to download.  NOTE: This is written for the orginal ARMA, and the new editor has new features that actually make editing easier, but many things remain unchanged:

Dslyecxi's article on assigning ARMA III alpha controls & the YouTube video that goes with the article:

I'll add to this post as I find more "stuff".


ARMA III Missions / 3 ARMA III ALPHA Coop Missions
« on: March 23, 2013, 04:05:44 AM »

This the attached zip files contains a folders called LTMARINACOOP.Stratis, LTSEALMISSION01.Stratis, and (sorry for the funky file name) LT%20EQUIPMENT%20TESTER.Stratis. 

Unzip, and put the folders in the following directory (look for your main Steam directory):

\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions


You will start on a hilltop base, and can choose to lead or follow (or choose to be a helo pilot).  If you choose to lead a team, you will need to either fly the helo yourself, or know how to command the squad to fly you. 

I recommend if you are new to the ARMA series, select a non-leader poistion.... the leader will by default fly the helo, and you can just go along for the ride.


You will start on a assault boat (Zodiac).  Recommend first trying this in a non-leader postion, but it works much better with a human leading. There will be about an 8 minute underwater swim (if the AI leads, faster if a human leads).  There are waypoints to follow, and read notes and markers on the map!  You will need to enter buildings to kill badguys...


Just like the title says, this allows you to try various weapons, vests, backpacks, vehicles.  There are some low threat badguys to practice shooting.

General Info:

Respawn is enabled; if you die you will respawn after about a 5 second countdown.   At your respawn point you should see an ammo box; you can rearm or change weapons there.


Ammo boxes are present at the start point, and at the respawn point.

The first 2 missions end when all bad guys are killed or pushed out of the town of Marina Agia (in the case of LT MARINA COOP), or killed in the case of LT SEAL MISSION 01. 

The 1st mission should take about 20-30 minutes... sometimes the mission will fail to end;  this usually means there are one or more bad guys hiding somewhere in the town.   The fly-in distance is very short from the start point.  If you are not comfortable flying, I recommend joining as a medic or other non-leader position, and let the AI fly.  You will be landing at a "hot" LZ.  Keep your head down, and move into the town quickly.

The 2nd mission will take longer.  You have several objectives.... less badguys, but they are harder to clear.



IL2 CoD / New (Updated) Mission: LTRAFSCRIPTED
« on: November 04, 2012, 03:56:00 AM »
This is an update of a scripted multiplayer mission I had done several months ago, called LTRAFSCRIPTED.

It goes here:   C:\Users\name\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Multi\Dogfight
The entire folder contained within the zip, called "LTRAFSCRIPTED", is placed in the Dogfight directory.... all files need to remain in that folder.... they need to "see" each other to work!
To launch the mission, start a multiplayer server, go to Multi --> Dogfight --> LTRAFSCRIPTED --> LT RAF SCRIPTED (the main mission; you'll also see all the sub missions below it).
?Select LT RAF SCRIPTED.  Read The Briefing! 
?Then Start Battle.
?Choose a Flag. 
?Choose a Spawn Point and select a plane (at either Manston or Audembert).
?Hit "Create" to enter the cockpit (you will enter a "cold" plane on the ground).
?Watch for taxiing aircraft, and for landing aircraft later in the mission if you respawn.
?When you first enter the mission, the first spawn will occur at around 9-10 minutes (on the cockpit clock, at 7:09 or 7:10).... a few subsequent spawns will occur in the next 20 minutes.... then probably a "quiet" period of 10 - 15 minutes, then more missions spawn.
?Target locations and ETA's of the inbound raids will appear (see screenshot).


IL2 / Victoria Cross vs Knights Cross mission set
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:35:04 PM »
These were written for Ultrapack 2.0, but should also work with IL2 / HSFX 6.0


IL2 CoD / New Coop mission: "LT_Hamble"
« on: May 27, 2012, 04:01:39 AM »
Called "LT_Hamble"  (named for Hamble airfield, southwest England near Southampton).
Goes here:  C:\Users\Ed\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Multi\Co-Op
You can spawn parked for RAF, airborne for Luftwaffe. 
If you fly RAF, get airborne and climb to about 10 - 12,000 feet.  Large raid of Dorniers with fighter escort is inbound for Southampton.


ROF Discussion / Custom Sopwith Camel Response Curves
« on: March 28, 2012, 02:46:46 AM »
I've been fiddling with response curves for the Sopwith Camel and Fokker DR1 to try to "tame" these beasts.  These two rotary-engined planes have unstable centers of gravity and lots of engine torque, and excess elevator authority.... makes them very maneuverable, but very twitchy.
For the Camel, what I basically did is slow down the roll-response slightly, slow the pitch response even further, and add in some nose-down trim.
There two files contained in the zip file.  They are similar. The "LeadCamelCurve2" is slightly less aggressive changes than the "LT_sopcamel3" file.
They go here:  E:\Program Files (x86)\777\Rise of Flight\data\input
Then you can go the game, go to Options (along the bottom of the screen), select the Responses tab;  scroll down to the Sopwith Camel in the plane list on the left; select it; make sure the "Use All Aircraft Responses For This Plane" button is unchecked (you may need to scroll up with the right margin scroll bar to see this button); click the Folder Icon next to "Import/Export Curves" on the upper right and find the response file you imported and wish to test; click "Load"; click "Apply".
And finally, make sure the "Use All Aircraft Responses For This Plane" button is unchecked again (I know you already did this, but check it again, sometimes it is re-checked, and must be unchecked so that the custom response curve is used).
These curves really help smooth and mellow out the Camel, and remove much of the excess positive pitch....


F4 BMS Screenshots / Some Falcon BMS screenshots (I hope)
« on: March 07, 2012, 02:38:56 AM »
Here are some recent Falcon BMS screens.

Falcon HELP!!! / Falcon 4 BMS 4.32 Mod Information
« on: March 02, 2012, 04:48:38 PM »
Before you begin:  This mod is for the original Falcon 4, NOT Falcon 4:AF

Here are some quick links if you are interested in trying Falcon 4 BMS 4.32:

Review at SimHq, provides a good overview:

And here is the link to the BMS site.  You may need to register, but then can go to the downloads section of the site and get the BMS 4.32 installer, and also the recently-released "Update 1":

If you have the original Falcon 4 CD, installation should be as simple as:

1.  Download the BMS 4.32 installer to desktop
2.  Place Falcon 4 CD in your drive (but do not let it install Falcon 4, close the program).
3.  Run the BMS 4.32 installer.  At some point will ask you to point to the Falcon 4 .exe
4.  You'll be able to choose were to install Falcon 4 BMS 4.32.   It will be a "clean" install, it does not install over Falcon 4. 

After successfully installing, I would fire up Falcon 4 BMS 4.32 just to make sure the install was successful, then apply the Update.   

NOTE:  Patches for BMS 4.32 will re-use the 4.32 Installer!  The Update looks for the "setup" file in the Installer.  So....  Don't delete it... keep it somewhere "safe".

Now the "fun" begins.  You'll need to set up graphics, sounds, difficulty settings and your controllers within the Setup menu in the game. 

Also, some of the BMS 4.32 "mod" settings are configured outside of the game.  I will post the settings I am currently using a little later.

Best wishes.

The attached zip file contains two versions of a new "hybrid" coop mission for RoF.  The missions are identical, except for the weather.... which makes them seem like different missions  ;)

"LT VERDUN HYBRID FAIR WEATHER":   07:00, partly cloudy.

LT LT VERDUN HYBRID FOUL WEATHER":  07:00, heavy overcast and light rain.

This mission allows respawn and join-on-the-fly because it is actually based on a "Team Deathmatch" format.

Inside the zipped file, you'll find 8 files.  Remove them. 

The files go here:  E:\Program Files (x86)\777\Rise of Flight\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight

Human players can fly cooperatively, or on opposite sides.  Air and ground spawn points and a variety of planes are available.  There are enough AI bandits spawning in that it creates a heavy-battle, campaign-type experience.

Let me know if any "issues" occur.

Best wishes.

IL2 CoD / Victoria Cross vs Knights Cross Missions
« on: January 12, 2012, 01:30:47 AM »
These are intended to be semi-historical missions for CoD, based on daily battle reports at the official RAF historical website.

I've attached the first three missions; I plan to do 9 or 10.

Note:  I modified Mission 1 a bit.

They will work with the new IL2Coop lobby mission, and can be flown for either side... 

Mission 1

July 10, 1940

At 1325 hours a large force of about 120 enemy aircraft collected behind Calais and approached a convoy between Dover and Dungeness.

Fighter interception by 5 squadrons resulted in 6 Me110s, 1 Me109, 1 Do17 and 1 Do215 being confirmed as having been shot down, and 2 Me110s, 5 Me109s and 4 Do215s as probable casualties.

Mission 2

July 13, 1940

During the day the enemy focused his attention primarily on shipping and many bombs were dropped on convoys but no hits are reported.  At about 1730 hours a mixed formation of Ju87s and Me109s attacked Dover Harbour and a convoy south of Dover.

Mission 3

August 11, 1940

There was very considerable activity during the day.  Among other large raids,  attacks by large formations on convoys in the Thames Estuary and off East Anglia occured at about 1130 hours.

Let me know if you find any "bugs".


IL2 CoD / Coop "Lobby" missions (updated)
« on: December 31, 2011, 04:38:26 AM »
The standard "IL2Coop" lobby mission has 12:00 and Light Clouds as the default "atmosphere" that gets passed to the missions you launch from the "Lobby" mission.

A temporary work-around is to make variations of of the IL2Coop lobby with different times and cloud levels.

I've made "lobbies" with the following times and weather conditions:

0600 Clear, 0600 Light, and 0600 Medium clouds
0900 Clear, 0900 Light, and 0900 Medium clouds
1200 Clear, 1200 Light, and 1200 Medium clouds
1500 Clear, 1500 Light, and 1500 Medium clouds
1800 Clear, 1800 Light, and 1800 Medium clouds

To keep these Lobby missions from cluttering up your regular coop mission folder, I recommend (thanks Cirrus) a separate folder just for the lobby missions.  As Cirrus pointed out to me, once CoD is finally "fixed", you can just delete that folder.

I've uploaded the variations on the standard Lobby mission, and if you want you can just remove the entire folder from it's "zipper" and place it in your missions directory.

Mine looks like this:

C:\Users\Ed\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Multi\CoopLobby


Rise of Flight / ROF Coop Missions
« on: December 29, 2011, 03:12:32 AM »
I've attached a zipped folder containing my current RoF coop missions.  These missions are "career" style mission, with engine start, takeoff, fly across the frontlines, and accomplish your objective, then fly home and land.   

Most were actual online beta career missions I liked, and I merely edited them a bit to make them "work" as coop missions.

There are two British No. 56 Squadron missions (Se5a, plus Spad XIII) and five German Jasta 11 "Flying Circus" missions (various German planes, plus Albatros Va).

They go here:

E:\Program Files (x86)\777\Rise of Flight\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative

I've included the "Demo" planes in each mission (Albatros Va or Spad XIII), so that players with the Free Demo version of the game can fly them too.


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